The Galaxy S6 Edge was a gamble for Samsung because it employed a unique & unproven design. But it paid off – speculation at the time even suggested that Samsung couldn’t fulfill demand for the new device. Now its successor, the Galaxy S7 Edge, has been released by Samsung and reviewed by AndroidPIT.Is it a credible improvement? Find out in our Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S7 Edge comparison.

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Unlike the S6 Edge, the Galaxy S7 Edge is waterproof and dustproof to lớn IP68 certification. That means it can survive30 minutes submerged in1.5 m of water. These details were missing intheS6, despite having been present in the S5.

The S7 Edgehas aslot for a microSD và nano SIM; the phone’s memory is expandable up khổng lồ 200 GB via microSD, which is not the case with the S6 Edge. This is feature was well received by Samsung enthusiasts who longed for exapandable memory in the S6 Edge.


The screen edge software, though, offers a more discernible difference between the handsets. More on that below.

Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S7 Edge: software

The Galaxy S6 Edge arrived with its own set of software features (which you can read about in the Galaxy S6 Edge review), afforded by the curved display. Some argued that these were merely novelty additions, so we were not surprised that Samsung updated them for the S7 Edge (as it has done each year with the Galaxy lưu ý series" Air Command software). Some of the less-used features have been chopped, others improved, and there are some new additions.

Some of the software features available on the S6 Edge were afforded by its curved display

For example, the Galaxy S7 Edge display can make use of two side columns rather than one, meaning even more information can be displayed on the edge of the screen. What"s more, the API has been made available to lớn third-party developers to create their own unique functions for Samsung"s edge panels.

TouchWiz has not changed in a significant way since the S6 Edge+ or the chú ý 5.The phone comes with about seven Samsung apps, five from Microsoft, plus some from Google, as well as Facebook and WhatsApp. In total, the Galaxy S7 Edge has 25 pre-installed applications. Aside from the new edge display features,the user experience is much the same as before.

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Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S7 Edge: camera

The S6 Edge camera technology is the same as on its counterpart,the Galaxy S6, and it is impressive. The S7 camera, unfortunately, has a lower resolution, but its low light capabilities, dynamic range and màu sắc representation arean overall improvement from the S6 Edge.

The S7 Edge uses dual-pixel technology, which means that for each pixel, there are two light-sensitive photodiodes working in tandem. This means that an impressive24 million photodiodes work togethersimultaneously. Its focus speed is four times faster in low-light conditions than on the S6.

It seems that with the S7 Edge, Samsung aimed for something more like Apple’s camera tech, whichfavors balance & contrast over high resolution. & this time, the camera doesn"tstick out of the back of the handset lượt thích a goth at a pep rally as did the camera of the S6 Edge.


Galaxy S6 Edge vs Galaxy S7 Edge: price & conclusion

The price of the S7 Edge started at US $800 when it was released, that"smore expensive than the S6 Edge was upon its launch.


The Galaxy S6 Edge was groundbreaking, but it could be argued that it lacked a unique feature lớn really sell the benefit of the curved display. Features such as Edge Lighting were ultimately unessential & provided only minor aesthetic value.

The S7 Edge has made some improvements in key areas, such as the inclusion ofmicroSD card tư vấn and water-resistance. It has managed to increase the kích cỡ of the battery without greatly increasing the size of the body: no small feat. It has decreased the form size of the camera bump on the back of the device: a notable blemish on the S6 Edge.

Read more about the SamsungGalaxy S7 Edgeat the link and let us know in the comments why you are or aren"t interested in upgrading tothe Galaxy S7 Edge.