She once used this song as her wedding song.

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Chen Huilin used this tuy nhiên as her wedding song, with a calm và gentle tune & warm và poetic lyrics. The ethereal nature of heaven m

"love paradise" is one of the most classic songs of Chen Huilin and . She once used this song as her wedding song. Chen Huilin used this tuy vậy as her wedding song, with a calm and gentle tune and warm and poetic lyrics . The warm sound và the soft soundtrack are integrated, which can always stir the heartstrings for a long time in the breeze & watery night. The ethereal nature of heaven makes us unable lớn touch her appearance, but each of us lives in heaven, drifting to lớn the sky with the ocean of love, và feeling the splendor of the rainbow & the dazzling stars together. The paradise of love is so simple & touching. Even if you haven"t listened khổng lồ some songs for a long time, listening khổng lồ it will make your heart move. People who have liked it will be missed if you haven"t seen it for a long, long time.


I listened khổng lồ this song for the first time after 15 years of college entrance examination. At that time, I liked "I don"t like this world, I only like you". By coincidence, I listened lớn the broadcast of this story. At the end, I used this song, "I Knowing that everything is fickle in this world, but to lớn be honest, the person in front of me, he made me believe in forever". You"re always on my mind, all day just all the time, I really cried at that moment. There is a kind of warmth in the world: I don"t know when, where, and for what reason, the three views are the same, like-minded, mutual understanding & appreciation, it is such an encounter, a purely destined encounter.


There is such a sentence in "Disqualification in the World", và my heart is lượt thích two people in just one night. He came from a crowd of people, originally just to lớn give me an empty joy. When you come, I have nowhere khổng lồ avoid the wind & rain. The four seasons have been chaotic when you go, & I have been ill for a long time.

saw too many bad things, but felt that everything would be okay. If you are in a bad mood, you can listen to lớn music. If you are hungry, you can find food yourself. If you are afraid of darkness, you can turn on the lights. You can make money to buy the things you like. The reality is so cruel.

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Whatever we pretend khổng lồ be innocent, someone may loosen your hand when someone clenches your hand, and when someone promises you, there will be disappointment. Only after experiencing it, you have to fight for what you really want. Only yourself Will not treat yourself badly.


Nalan Rongruo wrote in the words: If life is just lượt thích seeing for the first time, what is the autumn wind và sad country fan. If the communication between people is just lượt thích when you first saw it, it will inevitably be less of a lot of troubles in the future, but it is precisely because of these stories that the heart becomes warm và full. Life is alive, everyone is searching, eager to lớn meet the fate that belongs khổng lồ him. It is a kind of luck to meet someone who deserves your sincere treatment. Don"t let it down. Even if the person you meet can only accompany you for a while, và cannot accompany you all the way, in any case, don"t regret it after you have given it, and don"t regret it after you lose it. I"m glad you can come, & I don"t regret your leaving. Life is too short. I hope we can bởi it and cherish it.


"love paradise" is one of Chen Huilin"s most classic songs, and she also used it as her wedding song! In 2004 Kelly Kelly Chen"s album "Stylish index", "Love paradise" was included as the last one. However, after three years, "Love paradise" has become a classic in the album with its calm & gentle tune & warm và poetic lyrics. Although Kelly"s performance in the music và film industries has been mediocre in recent years, every time she revisits this old work, her warm voice và soft soundtrack are integrated, và she can always pluck her heartstrings for a long time in the night breeze và water. It has khổng lồ be breathless. Music is simple và beautiful. No one knows what heaven looks like. But we all have a paradise of love in our hearts. The warmth of our hearts makes our smile as beautiful as a rainbow, và our eyes shine lượt thích stars. I once used this song as background music at my wedding. In the melody of "Love paradise", a pair of lovers held hands và smiled at each other, "I"ll love you till I die" is sweet & happy. The paradise of love is so simple & touching.


I heard that there are nine sorrows in love, but the rest of this joy has made mankind rush. For many things in the world, the process determines the result, & in turn, the result determines how you view the process, such as love.