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There is a big interest in hidden object games. From the massive line of books that pins readers to scout out an image to now clip games. These games are also pretty relaxing as you scour over the image Looking for a particular object. Likewise, these clip games have also made things a bit more interesting with a storyline lớn progress through. While some titles may have some additional mechanics, the base trò chơi remains the same. Players simply have lớn find the hidden object.Bạn đã xem: đứng top 5 trò chơi hidden object xuất nhan sắc nhất nạm giới

#10 Cozy Grove


Platform : iPhone, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series Release Date : February 11, 2021Genre : Simulation 

Cozy Grove is a trò chơi that acts a bit lượt thích Animal Crossing both in terms of game play and visuals. Here in this title players are taking the role of a spirit scout that visits a forested area with plenty of spirits in need of help. It’s your job to lớn complete the various objectives và bring back a vibrancy of this area. However, to vì so, players will need to venture around & speak with different spirits that inhabit the area. The more you help these characters out the stronger the friendship bond you’ll make with them.

These characters will have certain items or objectives to lớn complete in which case you’ll need to tìm kiếm the island for the specific items or the necessary material khổng lồ craft up the item. While visually this game is a bit lượt thích the aesthetic of an Animal Crossing game, there is another component that makes this gameplay quite a bit like the popular Nintendo simulation exclusive. In Cozy Grove, time progresses in real-time which the developers encourage players lớn log into the game daily khổng lồ complete different challenges.

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#9 Witch It


Platform : PC, Xbox One Release Date : 31 May 2017Genre : Indie game, Shooter đoạn clip Game 

The prop hunt in various clip games is always a fun treat to play with friends and on the PC you can pick up Witch It. This game came out in 2020 from developers Barrel Roll Games and it’s just a new fantasy take on the prop hunt game mode. Played online with friends, players are either a witch or a hunter. As you can probably guess from the titles alone, the witches are players that can freely transform into different objects around the map. Meanwhile, hunters will be the players actively seeking out the witches và taking them down.

With a time limit counting down the round, witches are forced into quickly hiding or running away as a prop when spotted. They’ll also be able to swap into another prop to throw players off if spotted. From there the hunters just have to lớn find all the props before time runs out. There are several collectibles khổng lồ unlock and even a level editor so that players can create their unique level design full of props for new game matches.

#8 The Room Series


If you enjoy seeking out items & solving puzzles, a trò chơi series that you might find fun, in general, is The Room. There are currently four installments available for the franchise và each offers a wide range of different contraptions & areas full of puzzles lớn solve or items to lớn uncover. Now this game does lend itself more khổng lồ the puzzle aspect, but there are plenty of instances where you’re actively searching areas to lớn find objects or solutions.

Some have even compared this game to an escape room where it’s very atmospheric và you’re constantly moving things around và trying lớn get a new point of view khổng lồ uncover something hidden away. Furthermore, these games don’t take very long lớn complete as you’re looking at a few hours at most to complete them.

#7 Hidden Folks


Platform : PC, Linux Release Date : February 15, 2017 Genre : Puzzle, Hidden Object 

If you’re after something more traditional lượt thích the Where’s Waldo books where you’re simply looking through a photo in search of a particular character then Hidden Folks is the game for you. It’s exactly lượt thích those old charming picture books where we have a large animated overview of a location. With a simple design & lacking any vibrant colors, players are simply searching for specific items or characters.

What you might find amusing is the sounds that go with this game as everything you click is made vocally by the development team. You can’t get much more of a relaxing trò chơi than this as you sit back, search the map, click khổng lồ cut down bushes, mở cửa doors, & blinds in hopes of finding that missing character or công trình in the wild.

#6 Hidden Through Time

Platform : Android, iPhone, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch Release Date : March 12, 2020 Genre : Adventure 

Going off of the Hidden Folks đoạn phim game installment we have another title that acts very similar & that’s Hidden Through Time. It’s the same concept where we have a large busy animated map and a slew of different characters or objects khổng lồ find within the area. You’ll again xuất hiện up doors among other objects lớn see what’s hidden inside. However, what’s different between Hidden Through Time và Hidden Folks is the visuals.

#5 Grim Legends Series

Grim Legends is another series of games that you might find some interest in if you’re after hidden object games. There are storylines within these games to keep the game progressing while the bulk of the chơi game is centered around puzzle-solving and finding items. You’ll interact with the world và attempt to lớn figure out how lớn get through different obstacles as you use various items.

If successful with combining an thành phầm or interacting with the in-game world you’ll see a cutscene play that will change up the scenery just a bit to lớn offer something new. All in all, it’s a trò chơi that offers a bit of a nostalgia trip khổng lồ those of you who enjoyed the earlier adventure-type PC games from the 1990s. All you need to vị is tìm kiếm around the scene while pointing & clicking on the various items.

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#4 Rusty Lake Hotel

Platform : Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS Release Date : 14 December 2015 Genre : Indie game, point-and-click adventure, Adventure 

Rusty Lake hotel is a bit of a dark hidden object point-and-click adventure game. In this title, we’re invited khổng lồ a resort area known as the Rusty Lake hotel where the group of patrons will travel in not only for a relaxing time out but to lớn also partake in the delicious dinners. You’re in charge of finding the different ingredients for these dinners. With the world in control of animals, you’ll soon find out that the guests will 3d the ingredients of certain dishes. Here you will need to lớn interact with the in-game world in search of optional ingredients and will solve a slew of puzzles to lớn get the precious meat from your guest.

I won’t spoil anything here for you, but each guest has a certain puzzle element lớn them lớn figure out how khổng lồ best handle them when the time comes for their meat. This is a relatively short trò chơi to get through as it comes to lớn about two hours in length but you’re also going lớn find that this title is also rather inexpensive for just $1.99 through Steam’s digital marketplace.

#3 When The Past was Around

Platform : PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch Release Date : September 22, 2020 Genre : Adventure, Puzzle, Point-and-Click 

When The Past Was Around is another hidden object point-and-click game that you might some enjoyment out of. This title doesn’t give players anything in terms of a narrative & instead, you’ll have lớn interpret what is going on on your own during the scenes. With that said, the developers have made note that this title is based around a young woman named Eda who is finding her way through a journey of fulfilling dreams, hopes, heartbreak, và love.

The title is what you’d expect from a point-and-click trò chơi where you’ll be given a level to freely click on different objects lớn interact with or to lớn find a hidden thành công in the area. Meanwhile, there are plenty of puzzles khổng lồ solve along the way. Fortunately, there is an in-game help button that will highlight the items you can interact with so if you’re ever stuck on just what to vì then the game does provide some type of means to lớn help players out.

#2 Enigmatis Series

One last series to make mention of is Enigmatis which you might find a few titles well worth picking up. For instance, I’ll cover the first installment with Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek. This trò chơi is centered around a small town that was just hit by a massive storm turning most things into a pile of chaos. However, you soon realize the town you’re exploring is part of some unusual supernatural mystery with evil just looking to spring out and cause terror.

Players here are exploring the town in hopes of uncovering the mystery and just like the previous titles in this list, you’ll not only have a few puzzles or riddles to get through but a ton of items khổng lồ scout out. These are story-driven games with a ton of hidden objects khổng lồ uncover & a series we think you should kiểm tra out.

#1 Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden

Platform : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Release Date : October 20, 2017 Genre : Adventure 

Lastly, another trò chơi we think you might want to kiểm tra into if you haven’t already is Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden. This title looks quite a bit lượt thích the setting from BioShock as you’re entering a thành phố deep below the ocean. Within the game, we’re following a young woman seeking her significant other when he vanishes from a deep dive. As you venture down lớn his last known locations, you come across Eden, a đô thị built underwater although what’s left here is nothing but evil.

This is another point-and-click adventure trò chơi but with plenty of hidden object moments throughout. As you tìm kiếm for objects there will be a variety of puzzles khổng lồ complete as well with the story bringing out some twists và turns along the way. Similar lớn other titles on this list, you’ll also find Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden is another trò chơi that won’t take players very long to lớn finish off as you’re looking at just about three hours in total to complete the main storyline.