“Windows media Player cannot play the file because a required codec is not installed on your computer”. If we load a đoạn clip or audio tệp tin that encoded with an unsupported codec in Windows truyền thông media Player, this error message pops up. Fortunately, we can install matching codecs for Windows truyền thông media Player to địa chỉ the support. The following content is about how lớn efficiently perform the installation.

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For media players, codec is an important program or software helping decode clip and audio data from a file. Although Windows truyền thông Players includes many popular video and audio codecs, there still are some codecs it can’t handle, which is most of the causes people run into playback failure when playing specified files, và the most practical solution is certainly to install matching codecs for Windows media Player.

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Part 1. Which Codec I Should Install for Windows media Player

If you want to lớn install a particular codec for playing a tệp tin on Windows truyền thông Player, you need first know the exactly missing codec, which usually requires the help of third-party detector software (MediaInfo, VideoInspector, & Codec Installer are good options. They can read the đoạn clip information, check the video/audio codec, and even direct you lớn the sources where you can tải về the missing codec). Meanwhile, here is a way you may also give a try without asking for help from these tools:

Step 1. địa chỉ the video in the đoạn clip library of Windows truyền thông Player, under the Videos section, right click on the video, select Properties. You should see the video/audio codec on the new Properties dialog. However, if there is no specified codec information, you still need to lớn switch khổng lồ a third-party tool that can supply the file information.


Step 2. Khổng lồ make sure that the problem is due lớn the missing codec, you may further kiểm tra whether Windows truyền thông Player includes the đoạn clip or audio codec the file uses. For this, click on Help on the đứng top menu bar of Windows media Player, select About Windows truyền thông Player, then Technical support Information.


Scroll down to lớn the Video codecs section & Audio codecs section. If the đoạn clip codec or audio codec you have checked in step 1 isn’t included therein, just download the corresponding codec from a reliable source & install it on your computer lớn see whether the problem goes away.


Due lớn different scenarios, the way above to check out the missing codec would not always workable. Therefore, by comparison, we strongly recommend that you update the Windows media Player codec packs or install an all-round codec pack that contains most codecs, as the parts below show.

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Updating codecs in Windows truyền thông media Player should be the first thing you need to vày when faced with the missing codecs for Windows truyền thông media Player. For the update, here is the detailed procedure:

Step 1. Mở cửa Windows truyền thông media Player, click Tools > Options on the top menu bar. If the thực đơn bar isn’t displayed, right click on the đứng đầu blank area, select Show menu bar.

Step 2. Kiểm tra the Once a day option under Automatic updates, then click Apply to update Windows truyền thông media Player codecs & other assemblies.

Beyond that, you may manually update Windows truyền thông Player for the latest version and related components: Go to Help > Check for Updates on the top menu bar.


Installing an additional codec pack is the most efficient way to địa chỉ support for multiple types of files since a mighty codec pack can package all common and even some rare codecs into one. Besides tackling your current playback failure caused by codec, it can further enable you lớn play more files Windows truyền thông media Player doesn’t natively support. K-Lite Codec Pack is a dependable & powerful option for Windows. You can give it a try.

Step 1. Go lớn the official tải về page: http://codecguide.com/download_kl.htm

Step 2. The basic version should be enough for Windows truyền thông media Player. Click on Download Basic, then choose a download server.

Step 3. Wait while the download completes. Follow the instruction to install it on your computer.

Tips. You need to take some efforts for the whole set-up of K-Lite Codec Pack. It is noteworthy that on the File association setup dialog, you’d better choose Windows truyền thông media Player for creating tệp tin associations and choose all the file extensions that you want lớn play with Windows media Player on the next thiết lập dialog.