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BlueStacks app Player is an app android emulator by BlueStacks. The phầm mềm lets you run android applications on a Windows running device. You can configure multiple apk versions lớn run at the same time in thevirtualization player.It provides compatibility for almost all app android apps. You can use Google Play Store khổng lồ get access to lớn all your favorite games and apps.

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The không tính phí Android emulator for Windows can be used in a number of languages. It is optimized lớn work with mouse & keyboard based input. BlueStacks tiện ích Player is also used by a number of devs along with other trusted Androiddeveloper tools lớn develop apk apps & games. It makes use of trademarked Layercake công nghệ that lets it smoothly render even the most graphics-intense game android games on the PC.

You can easily stream all your game android games on Twitch. It also lets you địa chỉ cửa hàng icons of your favorite apk apps straight khổng lồ your desktop. The android app player for Windows comes with a lot of pre-installed games & apps. You are không lấy phí to change the screen size of the emulator lớn either resemble your device or use it in the fullscreen mode.

Download BlueStacks app Player now & enjoy all your favorite android apps và games on your desktop. BlueStacks is backed by an active development process that drops new updates every once in a while. Other than playing games, you can use the free Android emulator for Windows lớn use all your buddy apps, like WhatsApp & Snapchat, on a big-screen.

Salient features of BlueStacks tiện ích Player

>Customized trò chơi Controls give you more flexibility.

>Shooting Mode – Use your mouse or keyboard khổng lồ make your reaction time & aim better.

>MOBA Mode – It gives your protagonist the freedom lớn roam as they want và use different skills.

>Multi-Instance – Play different games at the same time.

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>Macros – Use one keypress to record and replay your actions.

>Eco Mode – Reduce CPU consumption while using multiple instances.

>Real-Time Translation – Play in any of your favorite language.

>High FPS – Enjoy more seamless game play with higher frame rates.

>BlueStacks TV– Combined with the live đoạn clip streaming for games platform Twitch, to lớn provide instant gaming videos streaming services for BlueStacks users.

>Optimized Mouse and Keyboard Support– Lets you take care of navigation with your mouse and keyboard.


> Compatible with Windows XP

> Install unlimited number of apps

> Able khổng lồ emulate different versions of Android

> Allows you to lớn run several apk emulations simultaneously

> Simple & intuitive interface

> Lets you run apps requiring an active internet connection via your system’s connected network

> Configurable UI


> Not able to run a few apps

> Prompts to either install sponsored apps or pay a monthly $2 subscription fee

The Bottom Line

If you have ever wondered about a tool that can let you use your android apps on your system, then there is no better option other than BlueStacks phầm mềm Player. It provides the best android app experience on PC.

File size : 415 MB License : miễn phí OS support : Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Website links :